Home Based Rehab

Phiix Physiotherapy provides sessions which aim to make fitness & exercise fun & engaging for older people while simultaneously providing lots of physical & mental health benefits. We provide fitness sessions within the home, we bring equipment and our fitness knowledge directly to you.


The Department of Health Guidelines states that older people should be aiming for at least 2 ½ hours of moderate-intensity activity weekly. As recommended in the UK CMO’s guidance this should include strengthening & balance exercise at least twice a week


There are many benefits from taking part in regular physical activity, such as improved muscle strength, bone strength, improved flexibility, and prevention of falls.

In older people poor muscle strength increases the risk of falls by 76%.


If you think you or day someone you know would benefit get in contact to organise booking a session.


Exercise class content:

·       Strength & balance helping to reduce falls

·       Flexibility and mobility to manage degenerative conditions.

·       Adapted Yoga that is suitable for all ability levels.

·       Physiotherapy.

·       Massage Therapy (extra)

·       Movement to Music.


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