worlplace well being

Building a Culture of Health and Well-Being in your Workplace



There is increasing evidence that a healthy and safe workforce can provide a competitive business advantage through a more productive workforce.

Job stress and other work-related psycho-social hazards are emerging as the leading contributors to the burden of occupational disease and injury.


An in-depth report on the state of the nation’s well being, at home and in the workplace - HR professionals recognise the benefits: 74% agree that physical activity reduces absenteeism,




Absenteeism is estimated to cost the average UK business £544 per employee.


This is a fraction of the cost of installing well being strategies in your work place as it is shown to significantly reduce rates of absenteeism. 

The following prices are flexible and can be tailored to suit each client’s needs and budget. Please contact us for a bespoke quote and further enquiries.



1/2 Day: 7 x 30 min £200

Full Day: 13 x30min £375

ex VAT


1/2 Day: 16 x 15 min 200 

 Full Day: 26 x 15 min 295

ex VAT

Yoga Class

From £100

ex VAT