Why should I have Physio at home? 

We can come to you and provide physio in the comfort of your own home at a time that is most suitable to you 

Eliminate travel or parking costs 

We can carry out assessment of your function in an environment that is familiar to you 

We can work towards functional goals that suit your needs and matter to you. 

Do I need to be referred by a doctor? 


If you are going to be paying for treatment yourself no need to go to your GP first.  

If you are covered by Private Healthcare Insurance you need to call your company help line to check whether you need a letter from your GP or Consultant. 

Will my physiotherapist be registered and insured? 


Your physiotherapist will be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), insured by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) and will have an up to date certificate from the Disclosure and Barring service (DBS). Please refer to our ‘About Us’ page for our team members registration details.

How long is a treatment session? 


Your first appointment will take up to 60 minutes.  During this session you will undergo a full assessment as well as your first treatment.   

Follow up sessions will last between 30-45 minutes. 

How often do I need book an appointment for treatment? 


This will be decided by your therapist and you and will be discussed as part of your treatment plan.  If your problem is very acute then you may need more frequent treatment.  Once the problem is starting to resolve then you will be able to come less frequently providing you are following your home exercise and advice plan. 

What happens if I don’t attend? 

We require 24 hours notice for cancelled appointments otherwise you will be charged the full rate for the missed appointment 

What should I wear? 


This depends on the area to be treated.  As part of the assessment the physiotherapist will want to examine the area thoroughly. Clothing needs to be easy to remove or loose enough to expose the area.  Sometimes we will want to see the area above and below the problem area.