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Online physiotherapy appointments using video offer a personalised advice and treatment service to address issues of: 

  1. back pain,

  2. neck pain,

  3. knee pain,

  4. shoulder pain,

  5. Hip pain and issues of the

  6. foot and ankle pain   

For all of your injury and rehabilitation issues.


Our virtual clinic means you always have a convenient choice of where and when you see your physiotherapist.

Book your 1:1 remote session now where you will receive assessments to identify your dysfunctions and provide you with individualised solutions to address them. 

I specialise in methodologies that take into account how everything in the body is connected and nothing truly acts in isolation. My goal is to educate you and your body that there are a more efficient ways to move without excessive pain and compensation. 

60 minute appointments cost £100

45 minute appointments cost £60

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What You Will Receive: 

  • Comprehensive Biomechanical Assessments with Treatment, rehab and Correction Strategies Taught Directly With You​

  • An Emailed Copy of Assessment Findings and Rehab Programme

  • 1-1 Follow-up To Progress Rehab To Get You Moving Better and Pain Free

  • Recommended lifestyle modifications specific to your needs

  • 100% Bespoke Care for Your Needs



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