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Our Services

Please find information about the services Phiix Provides

Our most popular and effective treatment for all your aches, pains and injuries caused by poor posture and biomechanics. 

Or simply to feel and function at your best. 

NOTE: If you have more than one serious or long term issue e.g shoulder pain and low back pain  you will require more than one of these treatments. 

You rarely find Physio offering such hands-on treatment in one session.

45 min Physiotherapy session if you are having a follow-up session for 1or  2 problematic areas or you would like a longer Initial Assessment with more treatment time. 

For those of you who wish to get treatment from Phiix but cannot make our weekday appointments 

30 min Physiotherapy session for a problem area you are having. If this is your initial assessment please note that a majority of the time will be spent on the assessment. You cannot have effective treatment without a comprehensive assessment 

Online 30 min and 45 min sessions available. You will be assessed via zoom and taught effective way to manage and treat what has been diagnosed. This is a very effective method - more than people realise. Issues with your posture and biomechanics can be identified and rectified leading to pain alleviation and improved function. 

Self treat your low back pain caused by hours of sitting at a desk to work all day followed by sitting in the evening. Fast and effective way to treat your lower back pain and reduce hip tightness. 

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